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Revive Homes

Luxury Redefined

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Our Services

​We purchase, rehab, and sell homes in the South Bend area. We also provide general contracting, project & construction management, and design services for various clients which include:

  • Complete Remodeling

  • Kitchen remodeling

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Home Interior 

  • Flooring




& Accountable

About Us

Revive Homes

 I grew up in Mississippi with my grandparents who were share-croppers. Our house had no running water and no inside bath.

One summer, I visited relatives in St Louis who had a beautiful ranch home with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and I dreamed of having a home like that one day.


At age 26,  I designed and had my own ranch home built. The day I moved in, I was standing in my living room: thinking and feeling; what a blessing to have a nice home.

I said to myself. “I want help some other families to feel just like this”. That desire would never leave.


I talked about building a sub-division for young families all the time. But, I had a family to take care of. My son would always tell me, just do it mom. What are you waiting for? I would say to him: I am taking care of you all and I need to learn how first.

After my youngest daughter graduated high school, my son said, “Mom you can’t blame us anymore, It’s time for you to step out on this faith you always talking about.

I wanted to learn as much as possible before starting. Meanwhile, my son started his own rehab company in Chicago, and his business grew faster than expected, and he asked me to quit my job and help him.


After much prayer I finally quit. We completed 24 projects in the last 3 years. That gave me a little more confidence and 2 years ago I started my business,


My mission is to provide beautiful, comfortable homes with some of the luxuries found in expensive homes.


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